Asset Campus Housing template


Customized for the college experience

Asset Campus Housing, the largest 3rd party student housing property management company in the country, needed a website template that was easily scalable across their portfolio of over 200 properties. To give each property their own unique look and feel without convoluting design and functionality, I designed a template that showcases personality through colors and photography.

Each site's color scheme is comprised of two colors— often those that represent the closest university. Take the Domain at Tallahassee for example, located in Tallahassee, FL, and home to Florida State University.

As a prospective student scrolls down the page, the content parallaxes over large beautiful imagery.

When the new template was adopted, that meant A LOT of sites needed to be updated or added. To create an efficient workflow, main icons were exported in the negative white space. This allowed developers to change only the background color in CSS in order to have "custom" colored icons.

College is tough enough without the headache of trying to find the right space to live in. Bedroom filters and clean card layouts help students find the right space they need.