Legend Homes Houston

Strategy, Design, Front-end

Making the homebuying process easy

Legend Homes is a Houston based home builder recognized for beautiful, open concept homes offered at an affordable price. With a major rebrand, Legend Homes needed a website to reflect their new look, yet maintained their reputation in solid quality livable spaces and commitment to exceptional customer service.

To create depth on the home page, I designed (and developed using Webflow) the hero image to scroll over the copy— a memorable element and detail.

A discovery meeting was conducted with some of Legend Homes' top salespeople. Questionnaires were sent out to determine features that potential homebuyers often ask about, such as availability and price. By prominently displaying these features, we were able to streamline the home buying search.

Card layouts are used as a central UI element. These easily-digestible cards are packed with valuable information and are responsive to fit screen dimensions from desktop to mobile.

On the community pages, a secondary navigation fixes to the top of the page, allowing user to anchor to specific sections. From there, users can filter their search with tabs for easy browsing and a comparison feature.

Iconography is used to engage customers in the homebuying process.

To embrace Legend Homes' new branding, gradients and shapes from the logo mark can be seen throughout.